So you have decided to make a computer game, that’s great the question is what game do you want to create first?

Most new developers will answer that they want to create the game they have always wanted to.

This is the first problem, as while you are full of enthusiasm and energy you also lack experience. Game development is hard and time consuming, far more then you would expect when first starting out and as such you are unlikely to pull off your perfect game first time, your first few games will end up buggy and barely working and most people give up before getting anywhere because they tried to do more then they are currently capable of.

So where do you start?
Do a small simple game, something that will allow you to learn the basics of game development with out the worry of trying to build your perfect game. This could be something as simple as pong or Tetris, which will teach you how to draw graphics, handle input and basics game systems.
Once you’ve finished your first few games you will not only have a better understanding of how to make a game but you will also have more enthusiasm for it.


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