I thought I would post up a quick tool I have written to make it easy to animate and create my sprites for my games.

This is written in C# and it using XNA for the drawing of the sprite example, time line and animation preview.  It helps that I’m using XNA for my Indie game development. I’m also using the great Dock Panel to give me dockable forms.

For starting a tool like this I typically make sure I get the data class (at least the members) right then add the needed methods that are needed while working on the tool.

Now for saving and loading the created animations I just use XML, this because its really easy to serialise classes to XML in C# and it means if anything goes wrong its easy to open the file and edit it.  As we know loading XML in our game can be slow so the best idea is to create a custom content importer to get it in game quickly.


So with out any more waffling here is the video (yes that is me talking):


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