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This is my dev blog for what will start as a remake of the Amiga K240 but will end up extending and updating the game, the new game is currently called L480!

The game:
K240 was a 4x style game where you settled on asteroids and which you mined to build ships and missles.
These were then used to expand out into the universe.

The Tech:
I’m using C# and monogame for the main development framework.
On top of that I have a set of systems and tech that I call the Sentia framework.
These include my own UI system (called SUI), 2D tiling engines (both basic and isometric), and a number of other basic ones like state machines and world systems.

What these blogs will contain:
I will be talking about the progress in developing the game but also how I’ve written the various game systems.
Now these might not be the best way to develop a game, or the most efficient and might change in time.
Its mostly just how I want to develop this title.

Things I want to try doing:
I want to develop the game in a way to allow for easy modding, both new buildings but hopefully being able to replace huge parts of the code game.

Why not use a pre-made engine?
Mostly because I emjoy system dev and my systems work how I like to develop, where with engines like Unreal and game makers like Unity you are forced into a specific way of developing.
On top of that most of what I’m writing is game code, I already have most of the code systems that I need to develop.

What about artwork:
I will mostly be starting with using the orginal games graphics as a base and either updating them or redoing from scratch.

Target platforms:
C# (with mono) and monogame support multiple platforms, but to start with I will only be caring about Windows.
This is because Windows is what I typically use and its my main dev platform.

Current progress:
Test world
This is an image from my test world, I use this to test basic rendering.